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Velvet and the Guinea Pigs’ September 2010 Update

Ok, so I have 7 guinea pigs (2 of which are my brother’s but I look after them) and a rabbit, called Velvet. They all live in their hutches inside the ‘animal shed’. This morning I trimmed all of the guinea pig’s nails with my new nail clippers which I bought yesterday for £4 – […]

September 26, 2010 · Maddia (Admin) · 4 Comments
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Guinea Pig Care: Trimming Guinea Pig Nails

Like human nails, guinea pig nails or claws are constantly growing and therefore need to be clipped or trimmed on a regular basis. The easiness of this will depend on the guinea pig in question. I have 7 guinea pigs and have found you’ll get a couple who will play up, a couple who don’t […]

September 26, 2010 · Maddia (Admin) · One Comment
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Save The Tiger

Tigers are beautiful animals, but are greatly endangered. There are only believed to be 3,200 tigers left in the wild and this number is continuing to fall. There are as few as 150 Bengla Tigers in Nepal. Many tiger species are classified as endangered, critically endangerd or near extinction due to poaching, hunting and habitat […]

September 25, 2010 · Maddia (Admin) · One Comment
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