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My Pets: Sparkie

Name: Sparkie Animal: Cat Colour: Black and White Size: Big (not fat) Breed: Unknown Gender: Male Birthday: 31st October 2009? Sparkie came to us a stray. We first saw him on Halloween 2011, when he was sitting by our kitchen window at about 6.45am. I went out and offered him some food, to which he […]

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Durrel Zoo, Jersey, Visit 2010

Durrel Zoo, or ‘Jersey Zoo’ as it is also known, is one of the most fantastic zoos in the world. This world-famous Zoo is focused on saving many animals from extinction and helping endangered animals. I’d heard so many positive reviews and comments about Durrel Zoo and simply could not wait to go and visit […]

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Sumatran Orangutans at Durrel Zoo, Jersey

On my recent visit to the world-famous Durrell Zoo (in Jersey) I spent a long time simply watching the Sumatran orangutans; they are fantastic creatures and I feel you can only fully appreciate them after watching them for a while and seeing them interact with one another. Out of all the animals at Durrell I […]

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Wild Cats In Guernsey

On my recent trip to Guernsey (in the Channel Islands) I spotted what I believe to be a wild cat in the marshy parts near Cobo Bay beach. I was walking through the grassland when I saw movement ahead, slowing down I could see a cat, no bigger than a domestic pussycat. The animal blended […]

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July Visit To Dartmoor Zoological Park

Nearly a month has gone by since I went to Dartmoor Zoological Park (on 11th July 2010) and I’ve only just realised that I haven’t written about my fantastic day out! This picture is of one of the Lowland Tapir that’s at the zoo. I love going round animal parks and seeing all the different […]

August 5, 2010 · Maddia (Admin) · 3 Comments
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