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International Red Panda Day

Today, Saturday 13th November is International Red Panda Day; a day designed to raise awareness of red pandas and raise money to try to preserve them. Red Pandas, also known as lesser pandas, are listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the IUCN. There are a number of courses which have made these animals become threatened in the […]

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Brown Panda Bear

Brown Panda bears are extremely rare. To my knowledge there have only ever been 5 recorded in history and they have been described as brown giant panda bears. The first brown panda was discovered in 1985. I believe that brown giant panda bears are not a sub-species of the giant panda or a separate species […]

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Extinct Bears: Dwarf Panda

The dwarf panda or Ailuropoda minor as it is scientifically known is a dwarf species of panda bear. This panda is thought to have lived in China about two million years ago. The dwarf panda was about half the size of today’s giant panda, being about 3 feet long at most; giant pandas can be […]

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Qinling Panda

The Qinling panda bear (Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis) is one of two sub-species to the giant panda bear. It was the first giant panda sub-species to be identified and was named in 2005. So far the Qinling Panda has only been found in the Qinling mountains. There are estimated to be only 200-300 individuals of the […]

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Giant Panda Bear

The giant panda bear is one of the few bears, along with other panda species that does not belong to the Ursus (Bear) family. Instead they belongs to the Ailurpoda family, with the exception of the Red Panda, which belongs to Ailuridae; yet are classified as bears. The bear that is closest related to the […]

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Red Panda (Lesser Panda)

Despite being called a panda bear, red pandas are actually part of the Ailuridae family and are not related to Panda bears (as we know them) at all. The red panda is the only species of the sub-species Ailurus and is scientifically Ailurus fulgens. In Latin, Ailurus fulgens, literally means ‘shining cat’. There are mixed […]

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