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Pet Foxes – Are They Different From Dogs?

Foxes – wild animals that can be found in both city areas and in the rural countryside. Surprisingly they are increasing in popularity as a choice of pet. Foxes are beautiful creatures and many people are now keeping them in replacement of dogs; but how exactly are they different? Sarah Roche, our guest author, explains […]

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Urban Foxes: Pest or Pleasure?

Recently I was on my way back from a wedding, it was just after midnight, and I saw five foxes. Two of these foxes were in the town of Tavistock, Devon, UK; the other three were in the countryside in between Okehampton and Halwill Junction. These sightings got me thinking, are these foxes pests and […]

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Kit Fox

The Kit fox is a small animal that lives in the New World, from Northern Mexico into the United States. The Kit fox (Vulpes macrotis) is often confused with the Swift fox. Many scientists used to classify the kit fox as being of the same species as the Swift fox(Vulpes Velox); this was proved wrong […]

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Arctic Fox

I’ve just been reading through and found that we have little information on wild dogs, or closely related species, so I decided I’d write a post about the arctic fox. The Arctic fox is a relatively small species of fox that can be found native to the polar or arctic regions in the northern […]

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