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Velvet’s Big Day Out – 24 August 2011

Ok, so I’m a little bit behind with writing this post, but everything’s just been so busy! So on the 24th August 2011 Velvet (my black rex rabbit) was due to have his next injection (he has one for CYLAP every year and one every six months for anti-myxomatosis) so we took him in the […]

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My Pets’ Update: July 2011 – August 2011

  Well, I haven’t done a ‘My Pets’ Update’ for a while, so I’ve decided to one that convers the last two months. Ok, so I know it’s actually the beginning of September as I write this, but hopefully I’ll get round to doing another update very soon. Well actually I did do an update […]

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My Pets’ Update December 2010 – June 2011

In the last five or six months I haven’t updated this site a lot, mainly beacuse so much has been going on. Unfortunately not all the stuff going on has been positive. On December 15th 2010 Charcoal, one of our lovely guinea pigs had to be put down. This was a very upsetting time for […]

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Velvet & the Guinea Pigs’ August 2010 Update

I have 7 guinea pigs and a rabbit who live in a shed outside that I bought especially for them; their building is known as the ‘animal shed’ and they often have their exercise running around on the floor and in my rabbit’s case jumping on top of all the hutches. There are 4 hutches […]

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My Pets: Velvet

Name: Velvet Animal: Rabbit Colour: Black Breed: Black Rex Size: Medium to large Gender: Male Birthday: 27th January 2007 Velvet is my third rabbit and can be quite a handful! He is my first rabbit that I bought from a pet shop, he was around 12 weeks old when I bought him. Velvet lives in […]

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My Pets: Dandelion

Name: Dandelion Animal: Rabbit Colour: Light Brown Size: Average to small size for a rabbit. Gender: Male Breed: Unknown Birthday: 17th March 2003 Dandelion was my second rabbit. I got him, when my friend’s rabbit had a litter of adorable kittens. He was often out in the run at the same time as my other […]

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My Pets: Sanddy

Name: Sanddy Animal: Rabbit Colour: Sandy colour and white Size: Average size for a rabbit Breed: Mixed Breeds Gender: Male Birthday: 31st May 2001 Sanddy was my first pet I ever owned. I got him in around 2003. I remember always wanting to get a rabbit from a young age and was delighted when the […]

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