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Swamp Rabbit

The Swamp Rabbit , (Sylvilagus aquaticus) is a large species of cottontail rabbit that can be found in certain regions in the Southern United States. This rabbit is well adapted to the wetlands and swamps in which it lives as it is one of the few rabbit species which are strong swimmers as it needs […]

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Eastern Cottontail Wild Rabbits

The Eastern Cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus) is a New World wild rabbit of that belongs to the Cottontails genus ‘Sylvilagus’. These rabbits are members of the Leporidae family, which they share with hares, and belong to the Order ‘Lagomorpha’ along with Pikas. The Eastern Cottontail is probably one of the most common wild rabbits in […]

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Cottontail Rabbits

The Cottontail rabbits are a group of wild rabbit species that are closely related to each other. The 16 species of Cottontail rabbits make up the lagomorph genus Sylvilagus. These rabbits are wild rabbits which look pretty similar to the European Wild Rabbit. Most cottontail rabbits of the Sylvilagus genus have a ‘stumpy’ tail with […]

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What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

Ok, so we know the range of foods that pet rabbits eat but what is there available for wild rabbits to eat? After all, unless we put out food for them, these wild rabbits will have to do all the foraging for themselves, so do they get a choice of what to eat? Grass is […]

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European Wild Rabbits

The Europenan Wild Rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus) is a species of wild rabbit that is native to South West Europe, in particular Spain and Portugal, but has spread world wide (with the exceptions of Antarctica and Sub-saharan Africa) and is now regarded as an invasive species in many countries. Recently there has been a decline of […]

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