Giant African Land Snails: Achatina Fulica Hamillei

The Achatina Fulica Hamillei is a sub subspecies of the Achatina Fulica species, and is often confused with Achatina Fulica Rodatzi, which is the albino variant of the A. Fulica Hamillei.

Information about this snail is quite hard to find as many snails believed to be of the Hamillei species are actually Achatina Fulica Rodatzi or just Achatina Fulica.

The information that I have on this snail species is very limited and may be incorrect. If you do know more info about this snail please share it here by leaving a comment. More information on this snail species will be much appreciated.

From what i understand the Hamillei giant African land snail can grow up to the normal size of a Fulica (25cm) and have a slightly more yellow shell than the Fulica. I also believe the Hamillei have less irregular coloured patches on their shell.

Like most giant African snails the Achatina Fulica Hamillei can be kept in a vivarium with a temperature of around 20-25 В°C. Their vivarium will also need to be misted with water every other day.

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  1. Larry - May 23, 2010

    A very informative article Madeline. I was thinking of getting one of these as a pet and now, thanks to your article i know that I definitely should. ;)