Giant African Land Snails: Achatina Immaculata

This is another species of Giant Land Snail that is often kept as a pet, though not as often as Achatina Fulica.  These two species are often confused with each other due to them looking fairly similar, although there is a lot of variation between the two if you know what you’re looking for.

Achatina Immaculata has an East African origin although they have spread down to South Africa as well.

The shells of these snails are culturally important in Africa, where many women there used to and still do use them for digging clay out the ground. Achatina Immaculata shells are also made into beads and jewellery and were used as an offering to some Gods.

Achatina Immaculata have a pointed shell, like all Achatina species. The oldest whorls on their shells tend to turn white with age. They have a pink columella (although this does not apply to the albino variants). Their shell is quite long and almost straight, although they can also have twists in them. The actual texture of the whorls of the shell should be smooth for this species.

Like all Giant Land Snails, Achatina Immaculata need plenty of calcium in their diet to aid the growing of their shell.

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