Goldystch Shetland Pony Update – 24th October 2011: Farrier Visit

Just a quick post about the latest farrier visit.

The farrier (David Lawrence) was due around our farm at about 4-4.30pm, so at 3.15 I went out to get the ponies ready.

I quickly caught all the ponies, put their head collars on and then lead Rosie up to the gate, and the rest followed. Unfortunately we only have three lead ropes (and four ponies) so my we had to lead Gradbach up with a piece of rope. Luckily he’s the gentlest and most well-behaved pony ever.

My mum came out and led Gradbach and Tulip up, and I had Victor and Rosie. Surprisingly, Victor was quite eager to get out of his field and explore new territory, so I didn’t have much trouble leading him up. Rosie was very good.

We put all the ponies into the barn, two in each stable (they’re big stables) – Gradbach and Tulip together, and Rosie and her foal together.

The farrier then came to trim their hooves. They were all very good – even Victor, and it’s only the second time he’s had his done. And he has white hooves which is very rare and cool!

After all the ponies had been seen to, we led them all back down to their field (Tulip’s field).

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