My Pets: Goldsytch Gradbach

This picture shows Gradbach with his April coat.

Name: Goldsytch Gradbach

Animal: Pony

Colour: Red Roan (although he has blue roan mixed in with him as well)

Size: 29.5 inches at the wither

Breed: Miniature Shetland

Gender: Male

Birthday: 24th May 1988

Gradbach is a very special pony to me as he was the first stallion I ever owned. He is also one of the stallions that my parents bred as a foal in 1988 while they were running the Goldsytch stud. In late February 2010 I restarted the Goldsytch stud and managed to get him and Morjoy Tulip (whose mother is also a Goldsytch pony!).

When I bought Gradbach he was 21 years old but did not look it or act it. He has a loveable nature and loves being petted.

Gradbach is an extremely well trained pony with excellent confirmation. He has won many shows and passes on his superb confirmation to 99% of his foals. Over the years we have worked out he has sired around 100 foals!

On the 14th May 2010 we put Gradbach and Morjoy tulip together hopefully for a foal in April next year.

Goldsytch Gradbach’s mother is New Park Tasha, and his father is Stanhoe Tom Kitten.
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Because Gradbach is Red Roan, he changes colour throughout the year.

This is Gradbach with his winter coat which can last until early March

This is Gradbach with his mid-to-late March coat

This is Gradbach's late March coat.

This picture shows Gradbach with his April coat.

Gradbach with his winter coat, which lasts from October to early March

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2 Responses

  1. jan Sayer - April 16, 2012


    I have just purchased a grandaughter of Gradbach who is from Morjoy Little Wonder put to Blazefield Pete. Only had her yesterday and vet coming tomorrow for a thorough check up. She will be 2yrs old on May 2nd but looks like she has not had a good start in life and is in a very poor state. I am pleased she has come to us and if you are interested I will let you know how she gets on. It is lovely to trace her family history. With kind regards, Jan Sayer

  2. Maddia (Admin) - August 3, 2012

    Hi Jan,

    I would love to know how she gets on! You can email me at maddia[at]msn[dot]com.

    I still have Gradbach as our main stallion at the Goldsytch stud, and this year we have have had two wonderful little filly foals by him.