My Pets: Sanddy

Name: Sanddy

Animal: Rabbit

Colour: Sandy colour and white

Size: Average size for a rabbit

Breed: Mixed Breeds

Gender: Male

Birthday: 31st May 2001

Sanddy was my first pet I ever owned. I got him in around 2003. I remember always wanting to get a rabbit from a young age and was delighted when the opportunity finally came up.

Ok, you’re probably thinking that I can’t spell his name right; in fact I remember deciding that I would spell his name with two ‘d’s as it made this special rabbit more unique and individual.

I was Sanddy’s second owner; he was given to me when his first owners emigrated to Australia and couldn’t take him with them. Prior to my ownership of him, he was called Stanley, but I felt the name Sanddy suited him better. The name ‘Sanddy’ was also chosen for him because it sounded fairly similar to his other name.

Sanddy had quite a reputation for being inquisitive; a number of times he famously escaped from his run!

Sanddy was often out in the run at the same time as one of my other rabbits, Dandelion, although as they were both male they didn’t always get on. Both of these rabbits were also friends with my brother’s guinea pig called Mary.

Unfortunately, Sanddy passed away on 14th March 2007.

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