My Pets: Sparkie

Name: Sparkie
Animal: Cat
Colour: Black and White
Size: Big (not fat)
Breed: Unknown
Gender: Male
Birthday: 31st October 2009?

Sparkie came to us a stray. We first saw him on Halloween 2011, when he was sitting by our kitchen window at about 6.45am. I went out and offered him some food, to which he was extremely grateful. He was in a very bad condition, extremely thin and covered in parasites and ticks.

In no less than a month since we first fed him he’d made himself perfectly at home in our back porch. He’s now a healthy weight and free of ticks and parasites.

Sparkie has  avery, very loud mew, and he’s constantly announcing his prescence. He and Victor and Gradbach do not get on that well, as the boys chase him, but Sparkie’s made good friends with the mares, Tulip and Rosie.

This lovely cat is a VERY good hunter. Several itimes we’ve been walking in the fields and suddenly he’ll have  a squirming vole in his mouth, which he will drop at my feet with a very proud miaow. He’s also caught a lot of baby rabbits, mice and other rodents, and leaves half-eaten remains lying about the garden and farm yard.

Sparkie is an outdoor cat, but he sleeps in our back porch a lot of the time, preferring to curl up in a cardboard box that we have that’s on top of a disused toilet we’re storing in there.

Interestingly, every sunday morning it is very hard to find him; we’ve come to the conclusion that he goes to church!

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