My Pets’ Update – My Day: 10th October 2011

Well I’ve had quite a busy day. Got up at 6am and headed out to feed the animals at about twenty past six. Firstly I went to the shed and fed the guinea pigs and Velvet, my rabbit. I gave them hay and water. 

Then my mum came out and we went down to the ponies together – we’ve found, particularly when it’s dark, that it’s quicker if more than one of us goes down. 

So in the ponies field we found Tulip pretty quickly but couldn’t see any other ponies near her. Bare in mind that it was pitch black and we can’t keep torches on in the field as it scares the ponies. 

My mum went to look on the other side of the field bank (the field’s split in two by a Devon bank) and I carried on looking on the right side of the field.  Then I heard Gradbach’s distinctive wicking neigh some distance away.           Believing my mum had found our stallion I carried on looking for our other mare and her foal. And then I very nearly walked into Gradbach! He was right in front of me and somehow had managed to project his neigh to trick me! I quickly called my mum over and we found Rosie and Victor nearby. 

I left the house at seven and returned at about five o clock. Upon returning I went up to the barn and brought down a trug of hay to the shed. I cleaned out the guinea pigs’ and Velvet’s hutch, let all the shed animals out for a run and trimmed the piggies’ claws. I then went down to the ponies (in the light this time!) and checked them all over for any bruises or injuries. Luckily I didn’t find any and all my animals are in good health

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