Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat, believed to be of a south-east Asian origin, is one of the most recognisable breed of domestic cat. Today’s Siamese cats are believed to be the descendants of the famous temple cats of Siam (which is now Thailand). Siamese cat’s are one of the domestic cat breeds native to Thailand. In 20th […]

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Cat Urine Removal Methods

Cat urine removal is one of those jobs that as cat owners you’ll end up doing. But why does your cat keep going in the same place and is there a way you can stop him or her doing it? Today we have a guest author explaining the best ways to remove cat urine. He […]

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My Pets: Mr Tiggins

Name: Mr Tiggins Animal: Cat Colour: Black Size: Average size for a cat Breed: Unknown Gender: We think he’s male Birthday: Unknown We ‘adopted’ Mr Tiggins when we moved to another farm, as he was already here. The lady who lived here before us had already named him ‘Mr Tiggins’ which suits him perfectly. He […]

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My Pets: Jet

Name: Jet Animal: Cat Colour: Dark Brown Size: Small to medium for a cat Breed: Unknown Gender: Male Birthday: Not sure – some where in the 1990s Jet was a stray cat that we adopted when we moved into a new house. We first saw him when we were viewing the farm, and then later […]

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My Pets

Hi, in this section of you can learn all about my pets. This page will give you a brief overview on my animals. To find out more about my pets, visit the pages about them via the sub-categories in the ‘My Pets’ section. For example, to find out more about the guinea pig ‘Orchid’, […]

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