Utah Prairie Dog

The Utah Prairie dog (Cynomys parvidens) is the smallest member of the prairie dog family (Cynomys). All prairie dogs belong to the squirrel family. The diet of the Utah Prairie dog is mainly made up of seeds, vegetation and berries, and sometimes small insects. The general colour for this species of prairie dog is a […]

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Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

The scientific name for the black-tailed prairie dog is Cynomys Ludovicianus, and belong to the prairie dog family, Cynomys. Other members of this Prairie dog family are the white-tailed prairie dog and the Mexican Prairie dog. All Prairie dogs belong to the sciuridae family, which is the squirrel family. One difference between the black-tailed prairie […]

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Red Squirrel

The scientific name for the red squirrel is Sciurus Vulgaris. This species, which is native to Britain has since become displaced by the American grey squirrel. The red squirrel, also called the Eurasian Red Squirrel is smaller than the grey and less successful in keeping it’s territory from the invasive grey squirrel. The average length […]

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Grey Squirrel

The American Grey Squirrel, or Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus Carolinensis)   tree squirrel that is most known for replacing the populations of red squirrels in places such as the UK. The grey squirrel is now the most common tree squirrel in Britain. This squirrel has remarkable adaptation skills and can live in a variety of […]

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The Squirrel Family

The scientific name for the squirrel family is ‘Sciuridae’; this family is made up of medium-sized rodents such as ground squirrels, tree squirrels, marmots, woodchucks flying squirrels and prairie dogs. There are about 280 different species of squirrel, which are split into five sub-families. Did you know that squirrels are closely related to mountain beavers […]

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