Weaning Victor – Day 2

Thursday 27th October 2011

Today when I went down to the field (where all four ponies now are, due to Victor getting out late last night) Gradbach wasn’t letting the little foal out of his sight! He was so worried yesterday when Victor got out.

So today, my Dad and I did loads of fencing and repairing of existing fences. We can’t actually be sure of the place where Victor got through, so we’ve blocked up the slightest hole; after all we’ve had loads of animals in that field before and never has anyone got out before.

Victor must be an extremely good escape artist.

Today all the ponies were very nervous and hard to catch so we rounded them all up, got them all in Gradbach’s field (where he and Victor are going to end up) and then my Dad and I each caught one of the mares and lead them back through. And it worked! We then continued doing any repairs and watched where Victor tried to get through. Mainly we found it was under the gate, so we’ve put an enormously heavy wooden trunk there (one that my Dad cut last year).

Because of all the rain we’ve had recently, there’s an awful lot of mud around all the gates, which was quite annoying, particularly as I got completely covered when tying the logs to the bottom of the metal gate.

All in all the fencing and that took over two hours and I even repaired the gate at the far end of the field, as knowing Victor he’d try to get out there and then find his way back to his Mum’s field.

So hopefully we’ll come out tomorrow to find that Victor is still in his field, unlike yesterday!

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