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Guinea Pig Bedding

If you are thinking of getting a guinea pig as a pet you’ll need to know what type of bedding your new pet will need. Firstly though, you’ll need to decide on your guinea pig’s home: a hutch or a cage. To see more about hutches and cages and which you should choose have a […]

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Choosing Guinea Pig Cages

So, you’ve decided to get a guinea pig or too and are wondering what type of cage you should get. But first, are you sure it’s a cage you want? Many guinea pigs live in hutches are are perfectly healthy and happy – there are no prooven reasons that a guinea pig cage is best […]

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Guinea Pig Cages – Are They Better Than Guinea Pig Hutches?

For many years now there has been an ongoing dispute about what type of house you should keep your guinea pig in: A modern cage verses the sturdy hutch. Many people often associate hutches with bigger animals such as rabbits but guinea pigs can live in them too! Another common misconception is that a guinea […]

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Guinea Pig Care: Trimming Guinea Pig Nails

Like human nails, guinea pig nails or claws are constantly growing and therefore need to be clipped or trimmed on a regular basis. The easiness of this will depend on the guinea pig in question. I have 7 guinea pigs and have found you’ll get a couple who will play up, a couple who don’t […]

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Choosing Guinea Pig Hutches

Many owners choose to keep their guinea pigs in hutches rather than cages as the guinea pig is likely to get more room and more privacy. Before you go out to buy your guinea pigs’ new home, you should ideally have a place ready for the hutch. If your guinea pigs are going to live […]

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Guinea Pig Colours

There are many different colours of guinea pigs, as there are with many other pets. Before you go to get your new guinea pig you may want to look up the different cavy colours and patterns as you may want a specific guinea pig variety if this is possible. Generally, whichever colour guinea pig you […]

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List of Guinea Pig Breeds

An Introduction to Guinea Pig Breeds There are many different guinea pigs of all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and hair types. When you are looking to get a new guinea pig, and are unsure as to which breed to get, it is helpful to have a list of the different guinea pig breeds that […]

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How To Clean Out A Hutch

Cleaning out your pet’s hutch is one of the most important jobs of guinea pig and rabbit keeping. A clean hutch helps your rabbit to stay healthier and potentially expand their life span. It also gives a nicer environment for your pet to live in and can improve their welfare. The process of cleaning out […]

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What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

If you’re thinking of getting a guinea pig or two and you want to know all about their dietary requirements, then you’ve come to the right place. Or do you want to check your piggy is getting the essential nutrients that he or she needs? Either way this article has lots of essential information for […]

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Guinea Pigs As Pets

Are you looking for a new pet for yourself? Why not get a guinea pig? Guinea pigs are fantastic little creatures and make great pets for people of all ages provided they are looked after correctly. Cavies, as they are also called, are often thought of as great ‘first-pets’ for children. This is true but […]

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