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Giant Otter Fact file

The otter is a member of the Mustelidae family, or the weasel family as it is more commonly known. This family consists of animals such as polecats, badgers, martens, tayras, stoats, otters and weasels. Today we have a guest author, Tony Mandarich, who has put together a fact file of the Giant Otter. Rainforest Animals […]

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Guinea Pig Bedding

If you are thinking of getting a guinea pig as a pet you’ll need to know what type of bedding your new pet will need. Firstly though, you’ll need to decide on your guinea pig’s home: a hutch or a cage. To see more about hutches and cages and which you should choose have a […]

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Choosing Guinea Pig Cages

So, you’ve decided to get a guinea pig or too and are wondering what type of cage you should get. But first, are you sure it’s a cage you want? Many guinea pigs live in hutches are are perfectly healthy and happy – there are no prooven reasons that a guinea pig cage is best […]

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Guinea Pig Cages – Are They Better Than Guinea Pig Hutches?

For many years now there has been an ongoing dispute about what type of house you should keep your guinea pig in: A modern cage verses the sturdy hutch. Many people often associate hutches with bigger animals such as rabbits but guinea pigs can live in them too! Another common misconception is that a guinea […]

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Keeping Tortoises As Pets

Tortoises make fascinating pets, but do you know enough about them to look after them successfully? Lee Overton, one of our guest authors, explains the different aspects of tortoise care to you so you’ll know more about keeping tortoises as pets. Tips to Buy a Tortoise and Keeping Tortoise Pets By Lee Overton So you […]

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Durrel Zoo, Jersey, Visit 2010

Durrel Zoo, or ‘Jersey Zoo’ as it is also known, is one of the most fantastic zoos in the world. This world-famous Zoo is focused on saving many animals from extinction and helping endangered animals. I’d heard so many positive reviews and comments about Durrel Zoo and simply could not wait to go and visit […]

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Pet Foxes – Are They Different From Dogs?

Foxes – wild animals that can be found in both city areas and in the rural countryside. Surprisingly they are increasing in popularity as a choice of pet. Foxes are beautiful creatures and many people are now keeping them in replacement of dogs; but how exactly are they different? Sarah Roche, our guest author, explains […]

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List Of Dog Breeds – An A-Z Guide

There are many different breeds of dogs; many make a very good choice for a pet. But how do you know which dog breed to get? Our Guest Author, Sarah Freeland, gives us an introduction to 14 of the most popular dog breeds around the world. Of course there are hundreds of different breeds of […]

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Urban Foxes: Pest or Pleasure?

Recently I was on my way back from a wedding, it was just after midnight, and I saw five foxes. Two of these foxes were in the town of Tavistock, Devon, UK; the other three were in the countryside in between Okehampton and Halwill Junction. These sightings got me thinking, are these foxes pests and […]

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My Animal Shed – 3rd January 2010

Ok, so this is what my Animal Shed looked like in January 2010 – it’s taken me a while to upload this video onto my blog as I thought I’d lost it and just came across it when I was sorting through the videos on my computer. If you wish to hear me telling you […]

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Garden Birds Feeding In The Snow – Video

I was just looking through the various videos on my computer and found this one of several garden birds feeding in the snow. This video was filmed in late December 2009/ early January 2010. I remeber eating my breakfast one snowy morning, whilst looking out the kitchen window and watching these beautiful birds eating the […]

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