My Giant African Land Snails’ New Home

So, yesterday I bought a new vivarium for my three beautiful giant African land snails, and it’s twice the size of their last one. In fact the vivarium that I chose is the biggest one in the ‘Geo’ range; it being ‘Geo maxi’. It measures 41.3 x 26 x29.8cm.

Ok, so I know my giant land snails are still babies at the moment but trust me they’re gonna get bigger – Felicity, who’s the biggest, is already about three inches in shell length, and I believe her to be a couple of months old. Shelley’s shell is about two inches, and little Claire is approximately one and a half inches.

A little bit out the actual vivarium or ‘tank’. It is currently the largest model in the Geo range and is suitable to be used as housing and for transporting small animals – the label shows a goldfish – but as soon as I saw it I thought it would be perfect for my snails. And it was only £14.99 – bargain!!

The lid of the vivarium, or ‘fish tank’ as my Mum calls it, is made out of a ventilation mesh which provides plenty of essential ventilation. The lid also incorporates a plastic panel that can easily be lifted up – good for the snails to ‘slime about on’ and for easy access to the snails; for putting fresh food in, taking old food out and misting the tank.

The Geo range make different coloured lids for every size of container; I got a brilliant red one!

Firstly, before my snails could go in it I gave the container a thorough wash, after all you never know how clean they are!

Then I put a couple of inches of their substrate in the bottom, a Romaine lettuce leaf, a slice of courgette and their cuttlefish bone in.

So, I’ve just put my snails in and immediately they started exploring; Shelley was

Sorry about the Camera shake

the first to put her head out her shell and take a look, but Claire was the first to climb up the sides and sliver onto the roof. Felicity seemed really shy, which is unusual for her!

I then had the delightful task of cleaning out their other vivarium which isn’t as bad as it seems. Of course I had to check for eggs, as it is illegal to release giant African land snail eggs into the environment whether it is intentional or not. I didn’t find any though, so no trips off to our local pet shop whom I sell them to.

My snails all seem really happy in their nice, new, big vivarium. As I write this all three of my giant African land snails are hanging upside off the lid in their sleeping position.

August 11, 2010 · Maddia (Admin) · 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. luca - August 19, 2011

    how long do achatina fulica eggs take to hatch

  2. Maddia (Admin) - August 22, 2011

    Anywhere from a couple of days to three weeks. Achatina Fulica snails are one of the giant African land snail species that have a fairly short incubation period.