My Pets: Star

Star is the guinea pig on the left, and her sister Charcoal is on the right.

Name: Star

Star is actually my brother’s guinea pig who I help to look after.

Animal: Guinea Pig

Colour: Black with light brown-red patches and two white patches.

Size: medium to large size for a guinea pig

Breed: Unknown

Gender: Female

Birthday: 9th March 2007

Star was bought from the pet shop at the the same time as Charcoal was, and are sisters. Both of these guinea pigs are actually my brother’s pets.

Star lives in a hutch with her sister, Charcoal, and regularly comes out for exercise with all the other guinea pigs, and some times my rabbit, Velvet, who loves guinea pigs.

At our old house Star an Charcoal were in a run that was inside the bigger run, (as the fencing in the bigger run had too large gaps in it that the piggies would be able to get through), Star managed to climb over the sides of the guinea pig run twice and run around in the big run with my rabbit Velvet. In these cases it was always quite hard to catch her!

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