Giant American Land Snails: Megalobulimus Oblongus

Most giant land snails are African, this one, the Megalobulimus Oblongus, is different because it is actually a giant American snail. There are quite a few giant American snail species, although overall, the African species are a lot more common as pets.

Megalobulimus Oblongus originally comes from South America, but can now be found in other places in the world including Brazil and Argentina.

Megalobulimus Oblongus snails have a shell that is about 7-11cm in length with chestnut or pink streaks or patches on them. The second largest whorl on the shell of a Megalobulimus Oblongus snail also has a characteristic bulge. This is one way you can identify this species.

The Megalobulimus Oblongus is different from the Achatinae snails due to it being softer and more gelatinous bodies which also tend to be flatter but slightly wider in some cases. В They have a body that is blue/grey in colour with a lighter colour foot. They have brown tubercles and smaller eye storks.

Megalobulimus Oblongus snails are a favourable pet due to them producing less mucus than the African giant snails. They live longer than the African species as well in general, with a lifespan of up to 14 years!

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