Gobi Bear

The Gobi bear, Ursus arctos gobiensis, is one of the rarest if not the rarest sub-species of brown bear. Not much is known about this species due to their excessive low numbers. In fact there are only believed to be 30 Gobi bears left in the wild.

These bears are often mixed up with the Tibetan blue bear; many people believe these bears to be of the same sub-species, however scientists have found idfferences within their DNA and have classified them as different sub-species of the brown bear.

All brown bears have very powerful shoulder muscles for digging so I am assuming that the Gobi bear is the same.

In appearance this bear has an almost wolf-like-stance. Its fur ranges from a dusty brown to a golden yellow colour and gives the bear a ragged feel. They have longer legs compared to other brown bears and have quite a robust frame.

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