My Pets

Hi, in this section of you can learn all about my pets. This page will give you a brief overview on my animals.
To find out more about my pets, visit the pages about them via the sub-categories in the ‘My Pets’ section. For example, to find out more about the guinea pig ‘Orchid’, you could click on the sub-category ‘Guinea Pigs’ then visit Orchid’s page.

Ok so here’s a brief list of the pets I’ve owned:

Rabbits: Sanddy (yes, his name is spelt with two ‘d’s!), Dandilion and Velvet.

Guinea Pigs: Orchid, Pixie, Hazel, Aurea and Gerty.

Cats: Jet and Mr Tiggins

Giant African Land Snails: Shelly, Claire and Felicity.

Shetland Ponies: Goldsytch Gradbach and Morjoy Tulip.

Note: I breed pedigree shetland ponies and the ponies listed here also include their stud name (before their other name).

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